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Son güncelleme10.11.2018 16:48:13, Oluşturan/Son Yükleyen: kbsk brugge

9 Turdan Sonra Nihai Siralama

Rk.Bşl.No.TakımOyun  +   =   -  EB1  EB2  EB3  EB4 
14BS GO Bruggecentrum 1962114226824,5505,5
25BS GO Bruggecentrum 2953113229925,0515,0
33Basisschool De Kleine Prins 2961213205422,5406,8
412Sint-Maartenschool 1952212201721,5448,8
513VBS De Vaart944112198521,0407,0
67BS GO Bruggecentrum 4952212198021,5327,8
715VBS H. Famillie Bosmolens 2952212195020,5371,8
88BS GO Bruggecentrum 5934210194621,0306,5
91SJSP Blankenberge934210187920,0375,3
1018Vrije Basisschool Klimop 293339182219,0310,8
1114VBS H. Famillie Bosmolens 194149166218,0202,5
126BS GO Bruggecentrum 393248181219,5271,8
1310BS GO Bruggecentrum 794058133614,5152,3
142Basisschool De Kleine Prins 193157169618,5259,3
1517Vrije Basisschool Klimop 193066126613,5160,0
1611BS GO Bruggecentrum 89126490710,0121,3
179BS GO Bruggecentrum 69117392910,0105,8
1816VBS H. Famillie Bosmolens 3900903243,545,8

Esitlik Bozma1: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Esitlik Bozma2: Board Tie-Breaks of the whole tournament
Esitlik Bozma3: points (game-points)
Esitlik Bozma4: FIDE-Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break