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Österreichische Mädchen U14 Blitzschach-Meisterschaften 2018

Last update 02.12.2018 10:20:34, Creator/Last Upload: hr. erich gigerl

Starting rank list of players

1Katter Katharina1642626AUT1800StmkStangersdorf
2Vicze Zsofia786519AUT1715SbgRanshofen
3Stadlinger Lea1656848AUT1526WienSc Donaustadt
4Riegler Leonie1649507AUT1501Sk Gloggnitz
5Hiebner Carina1662406AUT1326Sv Wolkersdorf
6Peraus Leonie1661442AUT1265WienSc Donaustadt
7Fabian Kerstin1665197AUT948StmkSt. Martin I. S.
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