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Trofeul Clubului Central U08 - Etapa 5 (IBIS - Gara de Nord)

Last update 20.10.2019 12:06:30, Creator/Last Upload: echess

Player info

NamePopescu Gabriel
Starting rank11
Rating national1000
Rating international0
Performance rating1159
Year of birth 2011


144FCPaun Alex-Cristian1001ROUCsm Bucuresti5,0w 1
222FCCiulic Ionut-Alexandru1001ROUScm Gloria Buzau4,5s 1
325FCStanica Andrei1001ROUCss Ilfov5,0s 1
421FCCornea Mihai Alexandru1002ROUCs Oxygen Bucuresti4,0w 0
5315Virlan Stefan1000ROU4,0s 1
617FCTrancu Stefan-Teodor1001ROUClubul Central De Sah Bucurest5,5w 0
7413Sava Natalia1000ROUAcademia de Sah Hannibal3,0s 1
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