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Guillermo Garcia 28th Premier 1

Last update 01.05.2019 18:59:46, Creator/Last Upload: ajedrezcubano

Starting rank list of players

8GMEspinosa Veloz Ermes3507424CUB2516
2GMMartinez Duany Lelys Stanley3504727CUB2513
1GMMiranda Mesa Elier3510697CUB2483
5IMAcosta Pablo Ismael124311ARG2467
4IMMartinez Ramirez Lennis3509079CUB2447
3IMHernandez Gonzalez William3509915CUB2426
10IMRuiz Sanchez Orlen3506231CUB2389
7IMMartin Del Campo C. Roberto5100046MEX2313
6FMCamaton Borbor Carlos3600050ECU2305
9FMBenitez Lozano Javier5102472MEX2287
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