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b4 Championship 2019

Last update 29.10.2019 07:57:34, Creator/Last Upload: sk b4, mauritius, ronald raimbert

Starting rank list of players

6Anderson GavinRSA2167b4 Chess Club
12Hughes AnthonyNGR2000b4 Chess Club
11Uzum MosesNGR2000b4 Chess Club
3Goorsahye AntoineMRI1973b4 Chess Club
8Salhi ZouhaierMRI1930b4 Chess Club
7Raimbert RonaldMRI1916b4 Chess Club
9Lau Hing Yim PhilippeMRI1757b4 Chess Club
5Callychurn JugutputtyMRI1701b4 Chess Club
1Lee Luen Mang StefanMRI1689b4 Chess Club
2Desha SuyashMRI1600b4 Chess Club
10Beekhy AamirahMRI1500b4 Chess Club
4Lee Luen Mang HenriMRI1482b4 Chess Club
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