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I Torneo de Ajedrez Golfito 2019

Last update 22.08.2019 05:26:39, Creator/Last Upload: ricardomurillo

Starting rank

1Murillo Florentino6602932PAN1874San Mateo
2Rodriguez Sanchez Luis Alejandro6509371CRC1600Golfito
3Salazar Ferreto Alonso6502598CRC1600Golfito
4Bustos Torres Fiorella6508162CRC1555CODEA
5Guevara Lezcano Diego6516726CRC1400Puerto Jimenez
6Chevez Benavides Diego Fabricio6528899CRC0Golfito
7Cordero Cortes Anderson6527825CRC0San Vito
8Cordero Cortes Enderson6528902CRC0San Vito
9Guevara Chaves Rolando6528910CRC0Puerto Jimenez
10Guevara Lezcano Andres6528929CRC0Puerto Jimenez
11Guevara Lezcano Lucia6528937CRC0Puerto Jimenez
12King Ruiz Saul6528945CRC0Golfito
13Morantes Rodríguez Jose Nicolas6528953CRC0La Cuesta
14Perez Montoya Andrey6528961CRC0La Cuesta
15Ramírez Núñez John6528970CRC0CODEA
16Rodriguez Altamirano Pablo Arush6528988CRC0Puerto Jimenez
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