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3 Tournoi de MI de JUVISY

Last update 04.07.2019 16:19:44, Creator/Last Upload: fancelli luc

Starting rank list of players

7GMBELKHODJA Slim600229TUN2416
8FMBON Michael620696FRA2400
10IMONKOUD Abdelaziz9000283MAR2328
9FMDELORME Alban623636FRA2327
4IMGEVORGYAN David Sh.13303244ARM2321
2FMHARUTYUNYAN Ruben26042410FRA2316
6FMNGUYEN Vincent26029510FRA2315
5FMMOUHAMAD Joachin656410FRA2302
3FMLAZO Andrei13901605MDA2279
1FMMSELLEK Ilyass675938FRA2239
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