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106th British Chess Championships AM Open

Last update 02.08.2019 14:08:00, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1IMClarke Brandon Gi400319ENG2433
2Sedykh Mikhail447498ENG2143
3Ratnesan Ranesh439339ENG2080
4Blades Nigel W409650ENG2033
5Burke Mitchell R416231ENG2013
6Wells Jonathan C420549ENG2004
7Jayawarna Nugith434884ENG2001
8Hodge Steve R455954ENG2000
9Myall Ivan J425168ENG1993
10Staniland Philip433780ENG1963
11Chapman Matt435848ENG1957
12See Tristian436429ENG1957
13Brown Tom448001ENG1953
14Fathallah Joe1801899WLS1952
15Clanchy Nicholas417955ENG1931
16Pink Joshua424790ENG1907
17Nayak Raghav430919ENG1906
18Faldon David J426016ENG1904
19Woolacott Samuel J428540ENG1876
20WCMCamp Imogen Al1802240WLS1850
21Robinson James M426784ENG1794
22Lovell William Pm431060ENG1777
23Burton Nick425800ENG1771
24Howells Stephen W1800779WLS1686
25Britnell Jonathan445932ENG1590
26Mize Dylan30932599USA1513