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Lions Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong Novices Cup 2019 U14

Last update 11.08.2019 10:54:53, Creator/Last Upload: hong kong chess federation

Starting rank

1Lam Theodore Lukas6004733HKG14690
2Yam Karl6004415HKG14600
3Lee Gerent Chak Yan66200180HKG13700
4Liu Pak6002951HKG13340
5Lam Yui Hei6003583HKG13090
6Leung Adrian Yu Chung66200369HKG13090
7Leung Lok Jun6005616HKG12790
8Li Shing Hei6005055HKG12430
9Au Chung Hei6006000HKG12140
10Donde Varun Mandar6005306HKG12070
11Chang Roderick Chee Hung6005012HKG12040
12Yan Joseph6005489HKG11210
13Ng Sze Yu6003605HKG10700
14Nissinen Niilo30950767USA01503
15Yeo Horatio Luke66200920HKG01298
16Chan Chi Fung6005721HKG00
17Chan Yu Hin6004024HKG00
18Hsin Man Chiu6005047HKG00
19Law Marcus6004059HKG00
20Tsang Ka Hei6006817HKG00
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