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35th European Club Cup

Last update 20.11.2019 07:54:30, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Overview for team AUT

27GMRagger Markus26691½½½½½3,51672571Open
248IMAtlas Valery2440110½½03,02572384Open
264IMSchreiner Peter24531½01½104,01412473Open
265GMDiermair Andreas2475½0½11104,01292434Open
268Pacher Simon2072½00½½½02,03322034Open

Player details

GM Ragger Markus 2669 AUT Rp:2571 Pts. 3,5
1416FMSukovic Andrej22542,0w 1Open
2183GMSprenger Jan Michael Dr.24923,5s ½Open
3351GMPredojevic Borki26214,5w ½Open
4196GMFedoseev Vladimir26724,5s ½Open
6443IMAllahverdiyev Anar24071,0w ½Open
7217GMPopov Ivan26256,0s ½Open
IM Atlas Valery 2440 AUT Rp:2384 Pts. 3,0
1381Pleasants Allan J20351,5w 1Open
2148GMIndjic Aleksandar26462,5w 1Open
3330IMKarttunen Mika24774,0s 0Open
4275IMKjartansson Gudmundur24542,0s ½Open
5189IMAhlander Bjorn24143,5w ½Open
655FMHoffmann Hendrik22732,0s 0Open
IM Schreiner Peter 2453 AUT Rp:2473 Pts. 4,0
170IMMaki-Uuro Miikka23323,0w 1Open
2409GMShankland Sam26795,0w ½Open
3228IMVan Delft Merijn23534,0s 0Open
4118FMHouriez Clement23201,0w 1Open
5288FMCoenen Michael23643,0s ½Open
6137IMCardon Helmut23982,5w 1Open
7441GMAsadli Vugar25135,0s 0Open
GM Diermair Andreas 2475 AUT Rp:2434 Pts. 4,0
172Kosmo Santul22652,5s ½Open
2410GMInarkiev Ernesto26655,0s 0Open
3229FMLammens Tim22583,5w ½Open
4119FMHerman Jean22572,0s 1Open
5289FMHarff Marcel23624,5w 1Open
6139FMVerstraeten Rein23792,5s 1Open
7442GMSadikhov Ulvi25022,5w 0Open
Pacher Simon 2072 AUT Rp:2034 Pts. 2,0
168Papula Niko19042,0w ½Open
2414IMPancevski Filip24901,0w 0Open
3232Van Der Elburg Freddie21904,0s 0Open
4124Lion Maurice18641,0w ½Open
5293FMAhn Martin21544,0s ½Open
6141IMPiceu Tom23546,5w ½Open
7445IMAhmadzada Ahmad24065,5s 0Open
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