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35th European Club Cup

Last update 20.11.2019 07:54:30, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Team-Composition without round-results

  12. WorldTradingLab Club64 (RtgAvg:2500 / TB1: 9 / TB2: 147,5) Captain: Franchini Gabriele
1GMBerkes Ferenc26477185724,07,02597
2GMBasso Pier Luigi25638669704,55,02862
3GMLopez Martinez Josep Manuel256722129433,57,02495
4GMStella Andrea24758270613,06,02464
5FMBarp Alberto23828725553,57,02418
6FMSeresin Francesco23678863352,56,02323
7FMFranchini Gabriele22308067900,00,00
8Bettalli Francesco216428164531,04,02059
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