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Pretoria Chess Club Summer Swiss 2019

Last update 06.11.2019 05:51:38, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 57)

Starting rank

1Stevanovic Nedjo2044
2Mare Eben2032
3Senekal Fred1976
4Heyns Anthon1894
5Swart Riaan1840
6Wohlfahrt Oscar1724
7Coulson Travers1664
8van Ginkel Adolf1646
9Moolman Francois1629
10Slabbert Wim1629
11Jacobs Leon1625
12Nel Carel1615
13Stevens Frank1600
14Tissot van Patot Anton1600
15Georges Michele1526
16Iwanick Jack1488
17Wiid Juane1453
18Pretorius Wynand1448
19Swanepoel Karel1391
20Hofman Rian1349
21Hollumer Rechard1349
22van Wyk Justus1349
23Hollumer Heinrich1300
24van der Meer Marine1300
25vd Heever Derick1297
26Crossley Kyle1107
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