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2nd igi Cup 2019 OPEN igi Chess & Abacus Academy, Mandya

Last update 20.10.2019 15:59:31, Creator/Last Upload: yadav school of chess

Starting rank

1Ajith M P5029473IND1927Mysore
2Darshan V P S5044855IND1720Mysore
3Sheshadri L5053358IND1574Mysore
4Pavan C25092553IND1523Mysore
5Rakesh N35097989IND1383Mca
6Pavan Kumar Devaraj46601686IND1331Mca
7Harikishan Rao K25602179IND1279
8Sagar P45064199IND1247Mca
9Bharath M46698205IND1229Fm
10Tanav S46601619IND1209Mca
11Thejas M U25699547IND1200Juca Mysore
12Dhruv V Jain45062986IND1160Mca
13AIMRaghavendra Naik25666185IND1141Mca
14Dhanush M S45062927IND1123Mca
15Yashwanth Bharadwaj25770411IND1089Mca
16Aman Jain PIND0Mca
18Gowtham MIND0
19Kiran Kumar G K25628887IND0Mandya
20Ramaprasad K25604244IND0Mysore
21Sanjay GIND0Mca
22Sharath Kumar H K25629123IND0Mandya
23Shreedahar B VIND0Mca
24Shrkhil KhanIND0Mandya
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