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O.FI.S-Akaki Neaniko-November 2019-

Son güncelleme03.11.2019 17:06:24, Oluşturan/Son Yükleyen: cyprus chess federation

Başlangıç Sıralaması

1Kirkos Andreas5904927CYP1262
2Efthimiou Antria5906377CYP1290
3Savvides Christos5906474CYP1251
4Christou Marios5905885CYP1207
5Hajialexantrou Antreas5906393CYP1200
6Anastasiou Giorgos5901375CYP1171
7Christou Andreas5907098CYP1142
8Nikolaou Maria5906458CYP1142
9Zanti Melina5906490CYP1123
10Zantis Charis5906504CYP1113
11Hajipierou Markos5906407CYP1052
12Flourentzou Panayiotis5906385CYP1000
13Nikolaou Loizos5906466CYP1000
14Ioannou Giorgos5906415CYP846
15Kaskiris Frixos5906431CYP665
16Kaskiri Ioanna5906423CYP521