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Open November 2019

Son güncelleme19.11.2019 22:41:39, Oluşturan/Son Yükleyen: fédération mauritanienne des échecs

Başlangıç Sıralaması

1CMHemam Moulaye Brahim19600054MTN2063
2CMSidi Mbareck Mohamed19600186MTN1962
3CMKar El Moustapha19600127MTN1931
4CMTaleb Mohamed Ahmed19600038MTN1930
5CMYahi Mohamed Salem19600160MTN1928
6Cheikhna Mohamed Lemine19600151MTN1891
7Mohamed Lemine Mohamed19601409MTN1883
8Mohamed Abderrahim Taleb Mohamed19601441MTN1828
9Hassan Sidi Mohamed Cheikh19601433MTN1801
10Nocha Sidahmed19600259MTN1762
11Chighali Cheikh Tijani19600909MTN1755
12Yaha Abdellahi19600402MTN1677
13Bellal Tiyeb19601131MTN1611
14Cheikh Ahmed Ishak19600623MTN1593
15Med Mahd Med Beiba19600917MTN1467
16Mohamed Mohamedsalem Eba19602120MTN0