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2019 U2000 (Vietchess Club) 2nd ROAD TO MASTER Championship

Son güncelleme31.12.2019 18:24:26, Oluşturan/Son Yükleyen: vietchess

Başlangıç Sıralaması

1Kieu Bich Thuy12409910VIE1918
2Tran Thi Diem Quynh12406848VIE1832
3Nguyen Hoang Hiep12404624VIE1743
4Doan Quoc Thanh12424790VIE1703
5Nguyen Duc Duy12415944VIE1646
6Tran Dang Minh Duc12415693VIE1602
7Dinh Tuan Son (KT) *12420166VIE1592
8Dinh Nho Kiet12424730VIE1577
9Do Hoang Hai12424749VIE1572
10Can Chi Thanh12420131VIE1571
11Dau Khuong Duy12424722VIE1560
12Doan Thu Huyen (KT)12421049VIE1551
13Phan Thi Trac Van12409944VIE1538
14Tran Minh Dat12417270VIE1535
15Nguyen Manh Duc12419648VIE1525
16Nguyen Nam Kiet12425346VIE1503
17Le Van Viet (KT)12420220VIE1495
18Nguyen Vuong Tung Lam12417440VIE1494
19Duong Vu Anh12424803VIE1465
20Tran Thi Bich Thuy (KT)12421022VIE1448
21Lai Duc Minh12420387VIE1419
22Nguyen Duy Thanh12424897VIE1419
23Nguyen Thi Hong Chau (KT)12421014VIE1398
24Pham Thi Huong (KT)12421030VIE1387
25Nguyen Tran Duy Anh12424951VIE1383
26Pham Dang Minh12416304VIE1359
27Do Quang Minh12417424VIE1357
28Ha Duc Tri Vu12419320VIE1352
29Pham Huy Duc12425001VIE1351
30Tang Lam Giang12426733VIE1343
31Nguyen Nghia Gia Binh12417548VIE1324
32Nguyen Thi My Linh (KT)12421006VIE1317
33Nguyen Hoang Khanh12424919VIE1300
34Nguyen Manh Quyet (KT)12425338VIE1293
35Nguyen Binh Vy12419966VIE1283
36Nguyen Tien Thanh (KT)12420379VIE1258
37Nguyen Ngoc Diep12424765VIE1252
38Nguyen Hoang Bach12419583VIE1206
39Nguyen Trung Kien12424960VIE1197
40Nguyen Phuc Anh12426695VIE1149
41Bui Quang Minh12426555VIE0
42Dinh Phuc Lam12426911VIE0
43Do Tien Minh12424781VIE0
44Do Van Truong (KT) *12420174VIE0
45Hoang Dinh Duy12426881VIE0
46Le Anh Tu *12424846VIE0
47Le Duc Phuc12426920VIE0
48Le Duc Tai12426890VIE0
49Le Tuan Phong12424862VIE0
50Ly Dai Quang12426954VIE0
51Mai Duc Kien12426903VIE0
52Ngo Duc Anh12424870VIE0
53Nguyen Hoang Minh12426687VIE0
54Nguyen Huu Lam *VIE0
55Nguyen Huu Quang *VIE0
56Nguyen Khac Thanh12418064VIE0
57Nguyen Trong Thai Duong12426709VIE0
58Nguyen Tuan Minh12426717VIE0
59Pham Xuan Hieu (KT)12425036VIE0
60Tran Dinh Bao12425052VIE0
61Tran Duc Thinh12426946VIE0
62Tran Hoang Minh Tuan12426938VIE0
63Tran Minh Hieu12425079VIE0
64Tran Thanh Phong12425095VIE0
65Tran Thi Ha Thanh12424773VIE0