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مشاهدة تفاصيل البطولة

WIM Deborah Richards-Porter Ladies Chess Tournament 2019 Under-12 & Under-10 Section

اخر تحديث07.12.2019 21:54:41, منشئ/آخر رفع: jamaica chess federation (llicense 3)

ترتيب البداية

رقماسم اللاعبرقم دولياتحادتقييمنادي/مدينة
1WCMO'connor Zaina7403909JAM1344St. Theresa Preparatory School
2Parchment-Grant Topaz7404417JAM1210Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
3Tennant TalisheJAM1155St. Catherine Primary School
4Atkinson Raeann7403852JAM1125Lannaman's Preparatory School
5Brown Najean7404786JAM1117Bread Of Life Christian Academ
6Gayle Kaia7405448JAM1103Alvernia Preparatory School
7Sherman AnthoniceJAM1072St. Catherine Primary School
8Okpiavbe KathrynJAM1056Jessie Ripoll Primary School
9Mckay Paris7402899JAM1051St. Andrew Preparatory School
10Sunkara DedipyaJAM1047Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
11Downer Anaia7403631JAM1000St. Andrew Preparatory School
12Gandreti SarahJAM942Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
13Teape TanellJAM933Mineral Heights Primary
14Chang JessicaJAM0Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
15Edwards KieraJAM0Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
16Eubanks ElizabethJAM0Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
17Henry LisanneJAM0Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
18Huang GraceJAM0Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
19Huang JoannaJAM0Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
20Khaliya HallJAM0Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
21Mair SaritaJAM0Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
22Moore SannaJAM0
23Morrison ZoeJAM0The Queens Prep School
24Panjabi MaherJAM0Hillel
25Robinson AlyssaJAM0Lannaman's Preparatory School
26Rowe BonanjJAM0Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
27Sewell KelisJAM0Creative Kids Learning Academy
28Sharpe EmeliaJAM0Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
29Sharpe MystiqueJAM0Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
30Thomas RobynJAM0Emmanuel Christian Academy
31Timbawala AlifyaJAM0St. Jude's Primary
32Timbawala BaheeraJAM0St. Jude's Primary
33Walcott AkeelahJAM0St. Jude's Primary School
34Waugh SuriJAM0Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
35Whyte ArianneJAM0The Queen's Preparatory School